Sunday Service 10:30am

18151 Church Lane

Jerseyville, IL 62052


Adult Sunday School

Sunday School at Delhi Baptist Church for adults and children runs from 9:15-10:10AM.  Three adult classes are being offered during the calendar year of 2023.  One ladies class and two coed adult classes.

Ladies Class: Truth Matters by Amy Fata.  The book the ladies are currently using can be accessed here: - Located in the “dining room” beside the kitchen.

Foundations for Christian Living Tract: This covers the basic disciplines of the Christian life.  Topics include: (1) Following Jesus: Basics of the Christian Life, (2) Guidance: Finding and knowing the Will of God, (3) Two Ways to Live: Gospel Outline and Presentation, (4) Meeting with God: Basic Disciplines of the Christian Life, (5) Fear of Man: Fear God Rather Than People, (6) How to Study the Bible, (7) Stewardship: Showing Off God’s Goodness through Stewardship.

Theology/History Tract: (1) Survey of Systematic Theology (28 Lessons) and (2) Church History (13) & Global Church History (7 Lessons).

Class handouts for Foundations & Theology/History classes can be accessed by CLICKING HERE

Delhi Baptist Church uses Sunday School material produced by Capitol Hill Baptist Church.